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Why we created HookUpRich?

If you have tried other rich men dating sites or apps that target the rich and attractive, you may have found that none of them is totally free or even affordable to most women, especially if you are young and at the early stage of your career. In fact, most rich men dating sites are very expensive. Some sites even charge you $100 on a monthly basis. Why should you pay so much money just to say hi to someone, from whom you may never receive a response? It happens a lot.

Anything you get on other rich men dating sites, get them for free at HookUpRich

Being totally free doesn't mean you have to sacrifice anything. On other rich men dating sites, you pay to initiate sending messages, see who is interested in you and perform an advanced search to narrow down results based on very detailed preferences, like religion, education degree, and income level, etc. You may also get highlighted as a paying member, and enjoy privileges in receiving a response for your feedback, or getting your profile approved more earlier than non-paying members.

At HookUpRich, all of these features are offered for free. You can initiate sending messages to anyone unless he or she personally block you. We will let you know if someone likes you. You may also get your profile highlighted by getting your photo or income verified. After all, it's that you are really rich or really beautiful that matters. We also manually screen profiles and photos to make sure our members don't see inappropriate contents on our site. We try to approve all new profiles and reply to feedbacks within 12 hours.

Why would rich men use a free dating site?

Yes, rich men have a lot of money, so they may not mind spending $100 or more to meet women on a paying rich men dating site. However, rich men do care about who they meet. On expensive millionaire dating sites that charge men and women the same amount, poor women hardly have a chance to win rich men's attention. If you are a rich guy and are looking for a potential date who is equal in financial status, then it's not a problem. However, if you prefer to date a young and stunning girl more than a self-made successful woman around your age, then forget about those expensive luxury dating sites.


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